Three Years of The GTA Place

By Chris | 29th Nov 2005 at 19:07 GMT in General | 17 Comments

I can hardly believe it myself, but it's been 3 years since I founded The GTA Place, which has now become a primary source for GTA modifications and is among the 10 most popular GTA web sites in the world (Source:

A lot of changes have been made since the birth of the web site on November 29th, 2002, where I had a few very simple bare bones pages with little to no regard as to whether it became popular or not. Originally there was no intention for it to become as big as it has done today, it was just a little project for me to work on, essentially it was my introduction to web design and PHP scripting, which I now carry out on a freelance basis on my personal website. Changes undergone include a few layout changes as well as staff coming in and out of the team.

The forums have also undergone their fair share of alterations, primarily upgrades to the software itself, along with modifications and more recently my own gangs system (currently not active) which I've integrated into the forum. Like other forums we've also been the target of so called "spam attacks", to which had no dramatic affect whatsoever, we've pulled through however, and I'm now in a position where I can provide substantial evidence (including: full names, addresses, telephone numbers and IP addresses) the spammer's have failed to cover up. Our growing team of staff have always been at hand to clear things up though, a special thanks goes to Xenon of TTPN for his dedication to help the forums do well, as well as Righty (formerly Millermagic) for administrating while I wasn't around, Spaz for being the most loyal member we have, and also Adriaan for helping with things along the way... and of course a thanks goes out to all the current moderators of the forums for their continued efforts, plus all the loyal members who continue to actively post there and make the community a pleasant one.

The GTA scene is often inactive around this time of year though, with a lot of people coming to the end of the year's GTA game, in this case Liberty City Stories for the PSP. But the return of critically acclaimed modder Switch Designs as well as all the other great mod makers out there who continue to provide fun modifications for the games, adding to their replayability. And we mustn't forget the array of multiplayer mods due for release in the not too distant future, which will hopefully fulfil any boredom induced by playing the game on your own for too long.

Over the festive season I will be making a few noticeable changes to The GTA Place. A brand new layout is slowly being worked on also, with variations for each game's section. Updating old content and adding content we have missed (there's a big to-do-list somewhere) is another objective we have. So by January the site will be improved quite a bit.

I hope you have all appreciated the work we have put in, and rest assured we will be continuing to bring you all the latest GTA news, downloads, and whatever else there is pertaining to GTA.

Happy Birthday The GTA Place!

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Gerard 29th November, 2005 @ 19:49 - Permalink

Seems we're hitting a lot of milestones. Well done to all the team, past and present, for bringing The GTA Place to these heights, and thanks to all the members who've helped us along the way.

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Adriaan 29th November, 2005 @ 19:57 - Permalink

What can I say? Just one word : Amazing .

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Akuma 29th November, 2005 @ 20:08 - Permalink


Amazing! Yay! .....

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Righty 29th November, 2005 @ 20:20 - Permalink

I get honorable metion, I like that. The site has changed alot since I joined. I plan on being here another three years too. :D

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Spaz The Great 29th November, 2005 @ 20:39 - Permalink

I'm honored to still be here. B)

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Dave1 29th November, 2005 @ 21:18 - Permalink

I am also proud to be here.

happy bday gta place.

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Skimmer 29th November, 2005 @ 23:53 - Permalink

Congratulations on three years, i'm new here but visit the site regularly to check on updates, and I must say it's great. :)

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tommy vercetti guy 30th November, 2005 @ 00:14 - Permalink

I didnt get mentioned!?!? *Spits on carpet* I am sickened! :pissedred:


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Steven 30th November, 2005 @ 01:27 - Permalink

Its amazing how the Gta Place changed after these years i've been here. I can just rememer... anyway im honored of being a member of Thegtaplace.

Happy Birthday TGTAP!

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rappo 30th November, 2005 @ 02:41 - Permalink

Congratulations! Happy Birthday, TGP ;)

I'm looking forward to the website updates, as well. Keep up the great work!

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C.O.D 30th November, 2005 @ 03:02 - Permalink

I've been to the forums in like 3 months, but I've visited the main TGTAP downloads etc pages for more than two years! Happy Birthday TGTAP!

The GTA Place:

"As Ahead, As Always"

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Dave1 30th November, 2005 @ 20:37 - Permalink
i just needed something to post.

And what now? :mellow:

Well you get a nice pretty warn for this spampost and the pm you sent me.

So you found a site better? then leave.. ;) ..

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Sherman 1st December, 2005 @ 01:18 - Permalink

I love you too chris : (

But yeah, happy birthday.. site. lol

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Spaz The Great 1st December, 2005 @ 16:11 - Permalink


Aha. What makes me laugh is how they claim they don't care about these forums, bet yet they won't leave. Hmmm.

So yeah, three years. That's quite a while. ^_^

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Slavik Von Stockholm 2nd December, 2005 @ 03:20 - Permalink

Wow. Didn't really think it was that old. Anyways, happy birthday GTAP. Here's hope to even more.

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Switch Designs 2nd December, 2005 @ 21:57 - Permalink

Congrats :thumbsup: on 3 years. I'm glad to be a part of such a Kick ass GTA site..

And look I can post comments now w00t :clapping:

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Aftermath 4th December, 2005 @ 15:10 - Permalink

Woohoo! This site seems to be the best GTA site ever! Happy birthday, The GTA Place! ^_^