G4tv Attack Of The Show TV Grenades

By Switch Designs | 14th Dec 2005 at 11:41 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

This mod will change the grenades in GTA San Andreas into TV grenades with the greatest show on G4tv (Attack Of The Show) on the screen. If your wondering how I got the motivation to ever make a mod like this I'll tell ya....

So I was just kickin back watching some G4tv when my favorite show Attack Of The Show came on the tube. I thought hmmmm (Attack Of The Show) wouldn't that be funny if a show could really attack you and that's when idea for the grenades hit me like a ton of bricks or rather an exploding TV! I got right to work making a model of a TV with the show in mind.





I've added an optional texture for those who live in a cave and have not seen the show or just simply don't like it O.o you can see a preview of that texture here.

And the actual mod for GTA San Andreas (for PC) can be downloaded here

P.S. Check back soon to see the new vehicle mod I'm currently working on (TOP Secret) Shhhhh..

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Dave1 14th December, 2005 @ 12:15 - Permalink

Nice mod switch, how far can he throw the tv?

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Switch Designs 14th December, 2005 @ 12:26 - Permalink
Nice mod switch, how far can he throw the tv?

As far as the grenade (cj is buff lmao)

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Plo Koon 14th December, 2005 @ 13:51 - Permalink

yea nice mod, the tv was a good idea