GTA Multiplayer & Modding Update

By Chris | 19th Dec 2005 at 20:13 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

News on the Grand Theft Auto front has been rather slow as of late, with only edisoncarter's LCS hacking and Switch's new mods worth posting about. So now's a good opportunity to update you all on the progress of some of the mutiplayer mods in development, and some total conversion mods.

First off we have GTA Multiplayer, the team who have taken over development of the former SA-MP mod. Yesterday saw the release of their first video, showing off the work they've put into the core and synchronising elements of the mod. Progress is just over 72% at the time of posting.

Next we have MTASA, still no release as of yet, but by the sounds of it they don't have that much left to do before the first release. They're currently developing a server-side anti-cheat mechanism, which is a great way to rid the community of the few who wish to spoil the fun. You can keep an eye on their updates by reading their blog.

Not much to post about gtaTournament since their last release. Looks like they have a few of the socket errors which have plagued their mod previously. Version 0.3 seems like it's coming along nicely too, version 0.2 is available from our downloads database for those who are desperate to play now.

The newest multiplayer mod on the scene is GTA Rumble. These guys are already doing well with a few beta releases out already. They are hoping to get everything fixed before Christmas, so I'm looking forward to this one. They seem like a very dedicated team working on it. You can check out and download their current mod at

If you remember there were a fair few other teams trying to get a share of the multiplayer gaming world. Teams are mostly now defunct, but included SA-2P, a mod simulating the 2 player mode seen on the PS2 and Xbox versions of San Andreas. SanAnarchy, looked promising and got to 86% finished but last update was well over a month ago so it doesn't look like they're doing too great. Online Andreas was probably the first multiplayer mod released, however it doesn't seem to have been worked on at all since then. There may have been some others but to be honest if people can't even remember them they probably aren't worth posting about.

Finally to conclude this post, the team working on GTA-LVS released version 0.2 of their mod earlier this month, which aims to bring Liberty, Vice and San Andreas together. There's still a lot of work to be done but it shows they're progressing. Enjoy playing that.

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