Big Bob Vehicle Transporter

By Switch Designs | 17th Jan 2006 at 11:41 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

This Mod will change your Cargo Bob helicopter into a Big Bob Vehicle Transporter. It is something I made mostly just for me to play with seeing as it will never work quite right but since it still has tons of possibilitys, works just fine as a regular helicopter and is alot more fun to fly around than the old Cargobob was so I thought I'd go ahead and release it.


Download Big Bob Vehicle Transporter here.

You can also download a video of Big Bob transporting a Patriot here.

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Dave1 17th January, 2006 @ 12:32 - Permalink

I will probably download it tonight, but can it hold bikes?

Switch Designs's photo
Switch Designs 17th January, 2006 @ 12:57 - Permalink

It can if you can fly it steady enough it can transport anything you can fit inside of it (it's huge.)

Some of the collision issues are discussed here.

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Slayer 17th January, 2006 @ 18:14 - Permalink

I've had a similar Chinook mod that was able to carry things (in theory), but whatever I put in it, handled strangely. It just went mad when I took off. It moved up when going down and the same for every possible direction and crashed the heli. But nvm, I'll try this one too.