Petition to Open Source GTA1 and GTA2

By Chris | 29th Apr 2006 at 13:41 GMT in Classics | 9 Comments

It was brought to my attention today that a petition has been made for Rockstar Games to make both GTA1 and GTA2 open source. For those of you not familiar with programming terminology, this means that the source code (basically the code that makes the game work) will be made viewable to anyone who wants it.

This would be invaluable to modders and programmers alike, who would be able to make modifications to ultimately improve the playabilty of the games much more easily than before.

Topic starter drwbns sums it up well.

Creating enhancements such as improving gameplay physics, weapons, and netcode could be a start and would show the GTA community contributing back and showing their support for old favorites.

The original topic on our forums can be found here, more importantly, head over to Petition Online to sign the petition, remember to use a valid email address too.

Thanks for the support everyone!

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888ball 30th April, 2006 @ 16:12 - Permalink

Sounds kinda nostalgic, everyone fussing over the old games again, ill sign it. Rockstar are light-hearted people, they'll be sure to give it us.

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Chris 30th April, 2006 @ 17:41 - Permalink

I hope so. But I don't ever recall an internet petition ever working... so let's hope this is the first.

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Wheelman101 30th April, 2006 @ 23:27 - Permalink

it would be cool if they made GTA 1/2 with the graphics of san dreas.that would be cool

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Gerard 1st May, 2006 @ 00:04 - Permalink

It really wouldn't

They were smaller areas, and top-down, crap missions (compared to SA), no environment interactivity, and no enterable buildings.

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Chris 1st May, 2006 @ 11:57 - Permalink

No but they were awesome games that were so much fun to play.

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Adriaan 2nd May, 2006 @ 16:03 - Permalink

You have a better chance of breaking into 622 Broadway New York, NY 10012 and stealing the source code, than to actually get Rockstar Games to release it.

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Chris 2nd May, 2006 @ 16:25 - Permalink

Nice to see a negative attitude from fellow GTA webmasters and staff, doesn't really help.

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Adriaan 3rd May, 2006 @ 05:23 - Permalink
Nice to see a negative attitude from fellow GTA webmasters and staff, doesn't really help.

Lol that was a joke about how Rockstar Games is willing to release stuff. I'm not beeing negative. I think it'll be cool if they release it.

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888ball 3rd May, 2006 @ 16:01 - Permalink

Its not like its the hottest piece of code around... Its old stuff, it would be nice if they could give the public a play.