IGN Review LCS PS2

By Chris | 5th Jun 2006 at 22:04 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 2 Comments

After IGN posted their "hands-on" the other day, they've now posted an actual review of the game and are the first website to do so. The game is officially released across the North American continent tomorrow.

I covered most of the 'new' features when summing up the hands on preview last Friday. To summarise yet again, the improvements we have are slightly longer draw distance, slightly improved frame rate, and higher number of concurrent objects on screen.

As well as this we have the far superior control over Toni, as this time we now have the two extra shoulder buttons and right analogue stick on the PS2's controller.

You probably aren't bothered with the review now but IGN have posted a further 5 screenshots so take a look at them. Links below.

IGN LCS PS2 Review

IGN's 5 New Screenshots

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im syched about lcs going to ps2 im gonna buy it

i didnt think there was any difference between ps2 and psp i mean is there any at all

on the trailers it doen't look like it

please e- mail me cocerning psp ps2 graffix comparison

[email protected]

ive read reviews for lcs on psp and they are all aleast 4-5 star ratings

but there are somany negitive reviews for ps2 version wtf!? theres no god damn difference

i don't even think the graffix are diffent are they ???????????