Odie - We will never forget you

By Chris | 7th Jun 2006 at 20:29 GMT in General | 6 Comments

Exactly one year today, GTA modding legend Heiko Feege, better known as Odie in the GTA community, passed away, at just 37 years old. For those who are maybe new to GTA and don't know of the event, you can read our news post from last year, and also this press release (.pdf) put together by members of GTAForums, a forum he frequented.

Many tributes have since been made to Odie, with fellow modders including homages to him within their own mods. Odie left behind a widow and a son, along with GTA Berlin, a huge total conversion still in development today, which aims to bring Berlin, the capital city of Germany into San Andreas, without their project leader.

The GTA Berlin team have put together a small video slideshow with some images of his contributions to the community, along with the simple message of "Wir werden dich nie vergessen", translating to "We will never forget you". You can check out the 1 minute tribute here (.wmv file).

Some links to mods by Odie:

GTA Berlin Mod

GTA3 Ultimate Stunt Park (Auto Install)

GTA3 Ultimate Stunt Park (Manual Install)

Odie's VC Beach Park

Odie's VC Beach Park (VCM)

Intercity Highway

Miss Liberty

~~ R.I.P Odie ~~

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Slayer 7th June, 2006 @ 21:28 - Permalink

I knew the music in the vid will be from Apocalyptyca! :rolleyes:

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tommy vercetti guy 8th June, 2006 @ 00:45 - Permalink

How did he die, got addicted to GTA modding and starved to death or what????

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Steven 8th June, 2006 @ 06:54 - Permalink

I knew him back at GTAForums. I've talked to him for a while, pretty awesome guy. R.I.P Odie.

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The Driver 8th June, 2006 @ 14:33 - Permalink

Rest In Peace, Odie.

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888ball 8th June, 2006 @ 14:39 - Permalink

I remember a long time ago when i stumbled across his site, i didnt think some of his work was possible. He was a great modder and a great man. RIP Odie. We will never forget you.

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BratPrince_Lestat 8th June, 2006 @ 17:01 - Permalink

I'm new to the game series - but GTA 3 is one of my favourites due to all the detail put into the maps, ...he was an excellent designer!

I only JUST found out about this tragedy - I'm really sorry to hear about his death - but yes, I do wish the best to his family, and hope he rests well.

Thank you for your hard work Odie.