Terminator 2 references

By Chris | 12th Jun 2004 at 16:03 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

If you have a look at the comments on the last news I posted (about the new screens) you will notice we talked about how cops wouldnt normally jump onto the back of moving cars

Well then I had a thought. Remember Terminator 2?

It was made in 1991, so thats the early 1990's like San Andreas, its set in LA, like Los Santos in San Andreas.

Now roughly 1 hour through the movie we see the T-1000 running after Arnie, John and Sarah in their car, he runs at unhuman-like speeds and catches up then lunges forward and morphs his arms into some metal things and holds on to the car.

I just thought that this screen below portrays exactly that, its a cop hanging on the back of a moving car, just like the T-1000

I will go and scan through T2 now and try to capture a screen of it for the benefit of those who havent seen it. You should remember the film anyway, I was only 8 when i first saw it and i remember it vividly.

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