New Vice City Stories Details from OPSM2 UK

By Chris | 5th Aug 2006 at 22:15 GMT in Vice City Stories | 6 Comments

The latest UK edition of Official Playstation 2 Magazine has a four-page preview of Vice City Stories. The magazine, available only to subscribers until Thursday, seems to have virtually the same hands-on preview that Australian GamePro Magazine had, which unfortunately for us means there isn't a lot of new info.

Two of the screenshots in the magazine are new, and the following information is given to us:

  • One of the SMG's in the game has the ability to have a silencer fitted
  • Two sports cars, the Phoenix and the Stinger are confirmed to return.
  • In a couple of screenshots we can see Vic with a tattoo on his right arm, however, whether or not this is customisable as in San Andreas is unknown.
  • Weather will have an affect on the sea and make it very choppy. So driving boats and jet ski's during a thunderstorm or a hurricane (possibly?) should probably be avoided

The screenshots (some of which are the same) are better quality than those printed in GamePro, we'll hopefully have some images to show you shortly, possibly even an official site update soon. Expect a lot of new info then.

Thanks to Neil for the info.

tilly's photo
tilly 5th August, 2006 @ 23:04 - Permalink

YAY custom weapons!! but they need to have the stallion! that was in every game. its like the trademark of cars. yeah i always wanted realistic weather and water effects. why were the Vice city clouds better looking than the ones in SA? but i think jetskis in a thunderstorm would be cool! i always wanted to do it in real life.

tommy vercetti guy's photo
tommy vercetti guy 6th August, 2006 @ 01:23 - Permalink

err, the water changing due to weather was in every 3D GTA (not sure about GTA3, but im 100% its in VC and SA)

Chris's photo
Chris 6th August, 2006 @ 14:59 - Permalink

Yeah but all it did was make the waves slightly higher and more frequent. Either the magazine talked about this because they didn't realise this in the previous games, OR, the system has been greatly improved, like maybe the waves will actually break, instead of the water just moving up and down. And perhaps they will capsize your boat/jet ski.

Artur's photo
Artur 7th August, 2006 @ 06:54 - Permalink

Cool info. Glad to know that Phoenix and Stinger are back. Even though it is an unwise decision to jet ski in a thunderstorm most people will do it to see Vic flip over (if the waves actually have a big effect) and possibly die. If they have custom weapons, it's going to be awesome, not too much though because it will become too much like Hitman: Blood Money.

rehan751's photo
rehan751 7th August, 2006 @ 17:50 - Permalink

It's good to have Phoenix and Stinger back. Stinger is one of my favourite VC car and Cheetah is my most favourite car. I want it back!!!!!!!

K_P's photo
K_P 7th August, 2006 @ 17:56 - Permalink

Yh the Phoneix was good, and I liked the convertable stinger though I prefered the GTA3 stinger (both Yakuza and Normal one).