US PSM has some screens and new info

By Chris | 22nd Jun 2004 at 19:46 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

This is all from GTAGaming

In PSM (United States version), an unofficial Playstation 2 Magazine they have some new screens (being posted soon) and some new info which is below

- On the game map Los Santos is only a tiny bit in the lower right corner.

- You can wear a lot of new clothes.

- Dual wield multiple gun types.

- More mini games.

- Vehicles get rusty and dirty as time goes by.

- Carl's customizations include: Hairstyle, Physique, Weight, Driveing Skills, Clothes, Possessions, Weapon Skills, Chracter, Relationships, Gang.

- The art team has snuck in plenty of special pictures and messages for fans.

- For the first time in a series the game will adjust its diffculty if the player becomes stuck. Rockstar assures that that the adjustments will be minimal and almost invisible to the players, so the missions won't become a breeze.

- At least once every couple of days your characer has to eat. If you skip meals he will be come weak, and if you feed him too much he gets slow and then gets fat. There is a wide selection of places to eat... so what you eat counts as well. Strength will effect his punches, but bulk up at the gym too much and he will loose speed...

- San Andreas has its own version of Hollywood called Vinewood.

- When the OGF fell from power, the new rival gangs The Flats and The Ballas moved in.

- Brian Johnson is CJ's 10 year old brother that died in an accident and the reason he went to Liberty City prison for five years.

- The Johnson family is in disarray as Carl and Kendl can't get along with Sweet.

- Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Polaski know CJ from when he was in juvenile hall, and now they harass him in SA.

- Cesar, a new Latino character wearing baggy slacks, an undershirt, tattoos, and a buzzcut has been confirmed.

- Old Reece is CJ's old barber that still gives him haircuts anytime he comes in.

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