We have more bandwidth!

By Chris | 26th Jun 2004 at 14:59 GMT in General | 2 Comments

Well fortunately there was hardly any downtime when we moved servers and nothing was lost.

During the little downtime there was, I bought some more bandwidth and it is now double what we had before. This was desperately needed as we were almost using up our limit every month, mainly because of the download database.

I bought this using money I had made off the advertisements so I would like to thank everyone who clicked on them.

It is actually mainly the Amazon (main site), Google and AdHearus (forums) ads that are making money so I may think about removing some other ads and concentrate on using those three.

Currently we have Amazon ads displayed on the main site and these get money if you buy something after clicking them and Google and Adhearus ads on the forums which make money for each unique click so i may replace the other ads (Alienware etc.) on the main site with these.

You will notice I have repositioned the ads and I think it looks better and people have also said they like it better, so just click once a day and you can do your bit to help the site.

Oh yeah the more bandwidth means we can have more mods so email me if you have a something for me to add to the database

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Jaruff 26th June, 2004 @ 16:22 - Permalink

This is great Chris. I haven't clicked the ads in a while but I'll do so since it seems to be helping out so well.

As for other advertisement ways, I have nothing to suggest.

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smartboy4 30th June, 2004 @ 09:03 - Permalink

Oh so this is why we had the downtime . Glad it is ok now