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By Chris | 1st Jul 2004 at 17:55 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

The information in the OPSM2 Germany article on San Andreas has been translated and this is what it said:

[*] Some parts of missions will take place in the countryside outside of the 3 cities.

[*] The game story will be tripled in length.

[*] If you get too fat, those that give you missions have the ability to tell you to get in better shape before starting a certain mission.

[*] The HUD (heads up display) will be similar to GTA III's and Vice City's.

[*] Orange Grove is the name of one of the towns/suburbs that's where the Orange Grove Families come from.

[*] There will be less pop-up of distant objects. Houses can be seen from far away.

[*] Groups of trees will be rendered as a group from distance. If you get closer, they'll be rendered seperately. Because of this, a bigger draw distance is possible.

[*] The magazine claims that the animations will be even better than in Vice City.

[*] The goal of the programmers is to achieve a constant frame rate of 30 frames per second. But, in extreme situations when there are lots of cars and pedestrians on the screen, the magazine says that the game still has some slowdown issues.

[*] The textures will be photographed ones as well as self-drawn ones.

[*] The camera will automatically zoom behind CJ at the press of a button. Then you can aim freely with the analog stick. But as an alternative to that, there will also be the aiming-aid.

[*] The number of licensed music tracks in SA will have tripled.

[*] The game is now about 80% finished (probably a month ago).

[*] Even the dual-layer DVD is actually too small for the game. Due to new compression techniques for the PlayStation 2, the game barely fits on it.

Thanks to Planet GTA for the info, and -NeMo- from GTA Forums for the translation in this topic

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smartboy4 2nd July, 2004 @ 14:05 - Permalink

Oh my god a dual layer is still not enough .. i guess they need triple layer .

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Righty 2nd July, 2004 @ 22:13 - Permalink

I think I like the idea of having missions outside of the city in the country. I looked through the last few playstation magazines that I got and none of thme have anything about san andreas in them

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zimoo 3rd July, 2004 @ 11:17 - Permalink

Thats pretty cool that your weight effects wether you can receive missions