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By Chris | 14th Jul 2004 at 19:21 GMT in San Andreas | 4 Comments

The Play (UK magazine) has 23 awesome screenshots, all of them are new. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to post the screens on our websites but here are a few descriptions of the screens:

1. Two people on bikes (one is probabaly Carl but I havent looked closely yet

2. Two vehicles that look like a Sabre and a Linerunner

3. A dirt bike in a forest area (trees look very detailed)

4. Someone getting into a truck

5. Some guy on a quad bike in a high up dusty area

6. A Landstalker (or something similar) driving through a forest, with two guys on a dirt bike chasing them

7. close up of the back of someone on a quad

8. The HUGE mountain in the background with what looks to be a derelict area in the foreground

9. I think this is a Walton with a shop in the background

10. an offroad truck with a bridge high above it

11. a truck driving along a coastal road, you can see the sea in the background

12. Probably CJ running with a gun from some people

13. Probably CJ running with a gun

Also something I forgot to post about was the 4 new screens in the latest Game Informer magazine, however we aren't allowed to show these either.

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smartboy4 15th July, 2004 @ 09:22 - Permalink

hey these screenshots are not really from rockstar , and their quality , is it quality ? Seems bad . I know they are the real ones but why are their so called quality so bad

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Chris 15th July, 2004 @ 19:04 - Permalink

because they are scanned from a magazine :rolleyes:

obviously they are good quality in the mag

anyway we arent allowed to put them on our sites now

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Sherman 15th July, 2004 @ 21:06 - Permalink

That sucks =(

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smartboy4 16th July, 2004 @ 08:05 - Permalink

Yeah that sucks .