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By Chris | 22nd Jul 2004 at 13:38 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

ST.MU (Steve.M) of GTAForums has translated some facts and the first three mission details.

- The twelve small towns often consist of only two junctions and a few buildings, featuring a liquor store, bakery, pottery and much more.

- When flying, the radar map changes and shows a horizon, so orientation is easier.

- Realistic truck trailer physics

The three missions:

In the 1st mission CJ has to help his buddy, who is hunted by a motorbike gang and needs a diversionary maneuver. So carl races trough the forest in a jeep, with the gang after him - since they assume the victim is in the car. CJ has to avoid them destroying the doors to keep the secret. As soon as you passed the checkpoint race, your cellphone rings: your buddy is save, and you get 0 reward.

The 2nd mission starts at a trailer park. CJ is blackmailed into killing an important witness, who hides in a hut on Mt. Chiliad. Carl arrives there with a Sanchez, first killing two FBI agents and then the witness. Since the blackmailer wants to see evidence, CJ takes a photo of the corpse, and drives back to the trailer park.

For the 3rd mission R* used a cheat to spawn a dodo to save time (claiming that using a car would have taken them 15 minutes), and lands near a small hut in the forest. There the gas station mission starts, where CJ and the yet unknown girl try to steal the tanker.

They also wrote that the PS2 lagged during their presentation, but they hope R* get this fixed in the remaining months, as well as a few boring and stretched countryside textures.

Thanks to Codename: SA for the news

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smartboy4 22nd July, 2004 @ 13:48 - Permalink

presentation , oh that's cool it means they've completed it ? Ah that's great but they sure need to fix something on the lag !