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By Chris | 24th Jul 2004 at 09:19 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

There is some new info from a German games magazine called Play Playstation regarding San Andreas :

-Carl can attack enemies from behind after hiding and sneaking in the shadows.

-Carl can increase his stamina for the amount of time he can remain underwater for depending on his fitness and how much he practises swimming ( So if Carl is fat and rarely swims then he will not be able to swim for long , but if he regulary swims and is thin and fit then he can remain in the water for a longer period )

-The members of the Orange Grove Families ( the gang that Carl , his brother Sweet , Smoke and Ryder are part of ) will wear green clothes.

-The Ballas ( The rival gang of the OGF ) will wear purple clothes.

-Bicycles will move forward when the X button is held down , But tapping the X button will make CJ peddle faster.

-Carl can now roll to the side while engaged in combat.

-A choice of haircuts are available such as bald heads , dripping jheri curls , a towering flattop and the famous Afro haircut , but players will also be able to pick between a choice of beards and other facial hair.

-Players can now pivot the camera around the car to gain a better view.

-Models include 50% more polygons than those of vice city.

thanks to sean breen for submitting this.

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smartboy4 24th July, 2004 @ 13:44 - Permalink

ha not bad . Nice post .

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Chris 24th July, 2004 @ 14:54 - Permalink

smartboy at least post something decent in your replies or i'll have to prevent you from posting in this forum.

i mean why did you just say 'ha not bad', whats that got to do with anything

heh, notice the google ads on this page are for stuff like hair straightners and bald people