2 New VCS Screenshots

By Chris | 17th Sep 2006 at 22:32 GMT in Vice City Stories | 6 Comments

Two brand new screenshots have appeared at Italian website Multiplayer.it. Check them out below, and all the other screenshots we've recently uploaded on our VCS Screenshots page.

ambulance_gunning.jpg barracks_hunter.jpg

Thanks to GTA-Series for the info.

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Harwood Butcher 17th September, 2006 @ 22:53 - Permalink

I already seen these on GTA Addic about an hour ago..maybe. Pretty good screens. I think that one dude is Cougar or Zeplin...always mixed them up.

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Chris 18th September, 2006 @ 00:51 - Permalink

LMAO you actually visit that GTA-Addic site? Addic isn't even a word, not in English anyway which is the language he writes his site in (I don't know what nationality he is and I also don't care). But Addic is an abbreviation which stands for the Alcohol and Drug Dependency Intervention Council. I mean WTF does it have to do with GTA?

The webmaster of that site is a complete tool, he always steals his news from mainly here, gtapsp, and gtanet. Absolutely ridiculous. He has no respect in the GTA community, and doesn't even give his site a name that makes sense. The guy is a dick. He put up our affiliate button once but I forced him to remove it as I don't want us to be associated with his site. :)

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Kitsune Inferno 18th September, 2006 @ 02:15 - Permalink

Pic with gun and ambulance:

"Oh well. At least this Street Wannabe lives to get shot another day."

Pic with Hunter and Barrecks OL:

"Newsflash: National Guard will soon be disbanding the armored air unit, so they'll be using it as much as possible until the funding stops"

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TM™ 18th September, 2006 @ 19:54 - Permalink

Well now we can alteast fly a Helicopter now.

Kitsune Inferno's photo
Kitsune Inferno 19th September, 2006 @ 00:53 - Permalink

Well, you COULD fly in LCS, if that's what's you're referring to. You just needed a cheat device to do it. Return of the Hunter: Say hello again to the Brown Thunder Vigilante mode!

Pic with man with gun and Ambulance:

"Bring 'em out, bring 'em out! It's hard to yell with a bullet in your mouth!"

Pic with Hunter:

"With cold war terror at an all-time high, the Army is now cracking down on any sign of the Russians and Communism. And I will now be be leaving the country for an unspecified reason. Hurry, comrade! Back to Mother Russia!"

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Airashii 19th September, 2006 @ 21:32 - Permalink

Could still be just one mission only, might even be just a cutscene.

But those both look good, that fire/explosion from the gun is very impressive.