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By Righty | 29th Jul 2004 at 23:47 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments


Here's Some Info reguarding San Andreas

  • Other towns in GTA San Andreas include: Shady Creeks, Flint County, Whetstone, Fern Ridge, and Red County
  • Each city will have it's own airport, with an accessible Dodo (which you can fly obviously)
  • It's possible to pickup hitchhikers
  • CJ can operate tow trucks
  • You can adjust the camera angle using the right analog stick 360 degrees
  • A myriad of different outfits are at your disposal (lots more than vice city)
  • The change between city and countryside is gradual.
  • The air in Los Santos has a bright, gritty feel, and occasional bursts of rain; San Fierro is foggy; Las Venturas has clear air and harsh lights; the countryside has a warmer, more natural vibe to it.
  • The game has an improved use of partical effects. Exhaust smoke, tyres kicking up dirt, clouds of smoke when you stand on the brakes, and sparks flying from bullets.
  • Carjacking animations have improved. Rather than pulling the driver out of the vehicle, CJ opens the door, wacks him in the face, and throws him onto the road.
    Country music is confirmed and will probably be picked up through radio stations in the countryside and small suburban towns
  • Kendall is angry with CJ because he wasn't around to help the family.
  • The number of recorded stats has increased. There will be a stat for just about everything you do; driving motorcycles, driving cars, swimming, running, sprinting and so on.
  • Pedestrians call obese Carl a 'fat ba*tard'. Even your own gang members say "dude, you need to lose some weight".
  • The pedestrian AI has improved greatly. You may see two pedestrians walking down a street, holding hands. If you break them apart, they'll react, and hold hands again.
  • Each pedestrian lives a different life. You can literally 'stalk' a pedestrian, watch he/she get out of their house, goto a shop, meet up with a girl, and go home again (for example).
  • Mt. Chilliad casts a massive shadow. All shadows are drawn by radiosity lighting, which covers the entire map.

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smartboy4 30th July, 2004 @ 05:42 - Permalink

cool that you can stalk a pedestrian ! can we rape them ? lol

Oh yeah i haven't seen a news about chicks

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Righty 30th July, 2004 @ 13:31 - Permalink

I'm a little leary about stalking people but I just realized that country music is confirmed ... I know i'm going to like this game