Gamepro's 15 Things You Need To Know About VCS

By Chris | 28th Oct 2006 at 01:06 GMT in Vice City Stories | 2 Comments

GamePro Australia, who you may remember were the ones who brought us the first scoop on Vice City Stories, have put up an article describing 15 things you need to know about Vice City Stories.

Some of the interesting things they mention include cops now being able to swim, it may now be a bit harder to escape from them at sea. There is apparently of lot of profanity in the game, though this is what most of us have come to expect in a GTA game now. Voice acting is said to be excellent once again, and according to GamePro there are a number of celebrities in the game, we know Phil Collins is one of them, but they suggest there are more. Unfortunately, Vic won't be able to climb walls, it seems that Carl Johnson is the only character with this truly unique ability.

Some missions will be received via pager. You may remember the famous GTA3 pager, which played a catchy tune that was so popular it went on to be released in .mp3 format, as well as being a downloadable ringtone for your phone. Sadly it won't be returning, but the pager does add some more realism to the game.

You can read more about what GamePro have to say by reading the 15 Things You Need to Know About GTA: Vice City Stories article.

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Ciaran 28th October, 2006 @ 10:17 - Permalink

I see they have lots of good points about VCS :worship:

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TM™ 28th October, 2006 @ 10:42 - Permalink

Yes they have, can't wait till it comes in the UK...