GTA Advance Fake Boxart

By Chris | 27th Aug 2004 at 11:57 GMT in GTA Advance | 4 Comments

Following the news of the release date of GTA Advance, Dale Massey has created some fake boxart for the game and it looks pretty good. He has even made a full version which you can print out and make the box for it.


Click the thumbnail to see it in full

If you would like the whole box which you can cut out, Click here to get it, its already at the exact size so just print it out and cut it out.

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TGC J 28th August, 2004 @ 12:45 - Permalink

OMG! The place where i work is on the back of that box art ! TGC = in widnes, 150 Widnes Road! Teh Best Place for games!

Be there or be square!!

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Dale Massey 28th August, 2004 @ 12:50 - Permalink

TheGamesCompany = 1 , Gamestation = Nil!

Damn Puppie drowning phr33ks!



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Chris 28th August, 2004 @ 13:01 - Permalink

GameStation drown puppies? never heard that before

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Aequitas 28th August, 2004 @ 18:06 - Permalink

its good .. cept i dont like the blue "advance" text much