Incredible FAKE Map

By Cryptecks | 30th Aug 2004 at 22:39 GMT in San Andreas | 6 Comments

Yep, I finally have got around to posting the second version of tnk's awesome fake map. This one has taken ideas from all of the community, and put them all into one super-map that is the most accurate with what we know so far. tnk has watermarked this version from the start, and there is also a very handy copy detection system that is just about impossible to get through. Anyway, this is the most accurate fake map on the info we know, so enjoy, and be sure to give tnk credit.


Submitted by tnk

and just incase you didn't see tnk's first version of this map, here it is, you can see it has a few mistakes which is what caused all the commotion about it


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Chris 31st August, 2004 @ 18:48 - Permalink

Wow this map is awesome, so much better than the first version, well done tnk ;)

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tnk 31st August, 2004 @ 19:56 - Permalink


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Chris 1st September, 2004 @ 17:56 - Permalink

no problem, im suprised this hasnt gotten a load more comments as your first one had a massive response

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tnk 1st September, 2004 @ 18:28 - Permalink

My moment in the spotlight has passed.... :(

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Cryptecks 2nd September, 2004 @ 19:57 - Permalink

It's because gta-sanandreas is down, I sent them the news submission for it, but they went down later that day. Also, nobody has posted on the GTAGaming forums yet about it, anyone with an account should do that.

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qwerty_ca 3rd September, 2004 @ 05:50 - Permalink

Time to get back into the spotlight tnk ;-)

I'm back to debate the map... :-)

My internet was down for a few days since I was moving apartments.... rite now im on a dialup on a friend's comp :tongue:

So here's the list of "known facts"... pls update them if new info has come out in the last few days since I haven't been monitoring for new info...

01) Big Buildings seen from HP Point... not check.

02) Lots of country between LS and SF... check.

03) Possiblity of mountain(s) between LS and SF... check.

04) Bone county (desert) visible from Panopticon... check.

05) Flint county (mountain) visible from Panopticon... check.

06) SF airport visible from Panopticon... not check.

07) Atleast one SF bridge connects to non-urban area which may or may not be mountainous... check.

08) "America-shaped map" (I remember reading this somewhere)... not check.

09) Lots of open countryside for small towns... check.

10) Bridge from Rodeo going west... check.

11) "City Limit" north of Red County a possibility... not check.

12) "City Limit" west of Rodeo a possibility... not check unless it refers to LS's city limits.

13) Map about 4-6 times > VC assuming LS = VC... check.

14) SF might straddle a river/sea/inlet/creek/bay etc... check.

15) Angel Pine near the base of Mt. Chilliad... check.