IGN - The Open Roads of San Andreas

By Chris | 4th Sep 2004 at 12:48 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

IGN have put up their latest preview of San Andreas, and as you can tell from the title it focuses on the countryside.

There is some new info and screens in there so check it out

- Angel Pine comes complete with its own mom and pop liquor store, a quaint little bakery, a single-screen theater, and a humorously-named motel known as "U-Get-In."

- the Desert Eagle is a new lethal weapon in the game, at first CJ will hardly be able to hold onto it as its so powerful

- an industrial strength lawnmower has been included (it is faster than running though)

- rural races take place all over the state in 4x4's, dirt bikes etc

- truck stop called RU haul, CJ can do 18-wheeler races and tow cargo around, if you jackknife it, the trailer disconnects and behaves differently depending on the load

- foliage is randomly generated rather than jut popping up in the same place all the time

- there is a real moon on a 30 day lunar cycle as opposed to the single texture used in GT3 and VC

- the moon and the stars will even look brighter when you're away from the lights of the city

- there are six different attributes related to how players use guns that can affect their overall performance when firing (Reload time, Fire rate, Accuracy, Weapon Stance and Movement, Dual Weapons)

One final aspect of the 18-wheeler that players should take note of is that Rockstar tells us that they make unbelievable "rolling bombs." So if you ever want to take out a large group of guys in concentrated areas or just want to see a bunch of pretty lights, simply speed your tanker towards the crowd and dive out at the last minute. Follow it up with a quick blast with your rocket launcher and BOOM! Instant mass barbeque!

Link: Country Living: The Open Roads of San Andreas

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