Only 5 weeks to go

By Chris | 19th Sep 2004 at 14:40 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments

There is just over 5 weeks left now until we get our grubby mits on a copy of San Andreas, if you haven't pre oredered it yet, you might want to think about doing so, and soon. You can make great savings by pre ordering the game and the starategy guide from, and by doing so we will also get a small perecentage that will go towards the site's running costs. So here are the necessary links to products you might want to buy, you can save £10 on the game and £3.30 on the guide so buy them together and make a saving of £13.30.

Update: By request I have added links to for those of you living in the US and wanting an NTSC copy of the game and wanting to help the site. Click the NTSC link to get to the product page on



Amazon Price: £29.99 (.99)

Saving: £10.00 (25% off)



Amazon Price: £7.69 (.99)

Saving: £3.30 (30%)



Click the images above to go to pre order page

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Sherman 19th September, 2004 @ 14:54 - Permalink

Chris, is there somewhere i could Pre-order for the Us and help the site?

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Chris 19th September, 2004 @ 15:00 - Permalink

I will see if I can set up a link to the site for those items.

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the guy in gta3 19th September, 2004 @ 22:17 - Permalink

OOOOOOOOO I so can't wait for San Andreas :lol:

Doesn't everybody? ;)

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smartboy4 20th September, 2004 @ 08:22 - Permalink

Yeah 5 weeks long.. i have exams from 1st Oct - 14th oct and holidays starting from november, just good enough for me to get my hands on SA.

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Chris 20th September, 2004 @ 18:38 - Permalink

I have set up links for those of you living in the US, these ones go to the site.

So Skyline if you want to pre order it from there you will be helping us.

Thank you to all the people who are going to or have ordered via our website, remember you should click the link then buy it, not go back on Amazon a couple of days later.

THE DANKMAN 30th September, 2004 @ 18:30 - Permalink

Does anyone know of stores opening up at midnight to sell GTA as soon as the clock strikes October 26th? I live in NYC and would love to pick it up as soon as possible. Anyone have any info?

Are there events like this (midnight sales) happening anywhere else?

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Corporate_Nothing 4th October, 2004 @ 03:16 - Permalink

Gamespot in my city in South Texas is having a midnight sale, so i'll go and pick it up monday night at midnight, even though its a school night :P