Still no official news

By Chris | 25th Sep 2004 at 14:22 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

This is very strange now, its as if somethings happened thats stopped Rockstar doing anything, since September 10th we've had nothing. Yet in September 2002 for Vice City there were new screens and previews virtually every few days, and that was what it was like last month for San Andreas. Maybe they are just playing with us but it certainly isn't normal. The last thing we heard was "COMING SOON.. OFFICIAL SITE UPDATE: SAN FIERRO" and it hasnt been updated, but maybe it will tonight, after all it is usually a Friday or Saturday when we get updates. Maybe its the PStwo thats causing delays.

On the official website there was a very minor update in the way of the ESRB rating and is now rated mature, as expected. With details of:

- Blood and Gore

- Intense Violence

- Strong Language

- Strong Sexual Content

- Use of Drugs

Anyway there is a bit of new info, from P2 magazine:

- On the pause screen map each gangs turf will be highlighted in their colour.

- When attempting to win a turf war that part of the map will flash red.

- To take over parts of a gangs territory, you must survive the gang war, and it isn't easy, Rockstar themselves even used an invinciblity cheat to do it.

- Before buying new clothes you get to try them on in changing rooms to see what they look like.

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