Two New San Andreas Screenshots

By Chris | 13th Oct 2004 at 18:45 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

IGN and Gamespot have each posted one new screenshot. IGN shows Carl holding an M16 while Gamespot's shows the 'Welcome to Las Venturas' sign.

Links: IGN Screen, Gamespot Screen

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Corporate_Nothing 13th October, 2004 @ 20:42 - Permalink

Cool screens IMHO. Mostly the one of CJ standing with the M16. I think that's the desert near Las Venturas; I can't think of anywhere else it'd look like that with the oil and stuff...

Maybe you can shoot the oil drills and have blood splat everywhere? :o

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games-master 13th October, 2004 @ 20:56 - Permalink

that would be good reminds me of a game like that