Liberty City Stories Characters

Information on the Grand Theft Auto game for the PSP (Liberty City Stories) was scarce, until the title's website,, went online before the game's release.

Liberty City Stories is set in a thriving Liberty City, the city used in GTA3 and GTA Advance. Based on New York, there are several islands encapsulated within the city itself. They include Portland - the poor, industrial part of Liberty City, you'll see mostly workmen in old cars. Gangs roaming around here consist of The Mafia, Triads and Diablos.
Next we have Staunton Island - The business area. Home to the more affluent people of Liberty City, alongside their flashy cars. The resident gangs include The Yakuza, Yardies and Colombian Cartel.
Finally there's Shoreside Vale - This is the suburban area of Liberty City. The wealthy live here, along with the middle class residents and gangs. The Francis International Airport is also located here. As are the Southside Hoods, the most predominant gang in this area.

As for characters in the game, many make a re-appearance. Characters such as Salvatore Leone, Maria, Donald Love, and of course, Toni Cipriani all play a major role. Other characters of GTA past also make an appearance, such as Avery Carrington in one mission, and a cameo by Ken Rosenburg on the radio.