Liberty City Stories Weapons

Liberty City is once again rife with weapons used by all kinds of gangsters in the criminal underworld. There are a wide variety of weapons and all to be used in different situations. Take a look at the table below with images and descriptions of each one.

  Camera -

  Cell Phone -

  Fists - This is all you've got when there are no weapons available, and you aren't going to get very far with just these. Unless you think you're 'man' enough to by with just these I doubt you'll use them very much.

  Brass Knuckles - A little enhancement to your bare fists, the brass knuckles give you an extra little bit of damage to dish out with every punch.

Melee Weapons
  Chisel - Often used by architects, in this game it's not. Use it when there's nothing else around, it doesn't do much damage, but I'm sure you can stab a hole in someone with this.

  Hand Axe - You could chop wood with this, but you aren't a lumberjack, you're a criminal, you can use it to cut people up.

  Hockey Stick - Thinking of playing hockey? Or swinging this at somebody? Doesn't really matter, you can do a nice bit of damage to somoene with this.

  Baseball Bat - The good old baseball bat, good way of knocking someone unconcious for a while, after hitting them with it a few times.

  Knife - Not the type you use to cut your food with, use this for slitting peoples throats.

  Meat Cleaver - Used by butchers for cutting animal meat. Now you can use it too, but for humans.

  Machete - You can dish out some hefty damage with this thing. It's basically a very large knife, usually used in jungles.

  Katana - A Samurai sword. You can literally hack pedestrian's heads off with this lovely weapon.

  Chainsaw - With this you can do some serious damage to someone, in fact, nobody will survive a vicious blow from this beast.

  Grenade - A regular frag grenade. It blows up in a total of three seconds. Just enough time to run away from the blast. It's a good weapon to use in crowded areas. Of course, that's mainly why grenades exist.

  Molotov Cocktail - A cocktail of chemicals, a burning rag, and a glass bottle. When thrown the whole thing explodes on impact and ignited the immediate area. Useful for barbequeing crowds of people.

  Detonator Bomb - Just like the regular grenade, except with this one you throw it, run off somewhere, then detonate it when your target is near.

  Pistol - A regular 9mm pistol used by many cops and gangsters in the city, doesn't do a lot of damage but it's better than bare fists.

  .357 - A nicely crafted revolver. Does a lot more damage than the standard pistol and is far more accurate, although slower to reload.

  Shotgun - A regular shotgun, used by a few selected cops and gangsters, can easily kill a person in one or two shots.

  Stubby Shotgun - More powerful than the standard shotgun, this will easily put holes in people, and kill in one shot from close range.

  Combat Shotgun - Also known as a Spaz-12 shotgun, this is a very powerful automatic shotgun with fast reload times.

Sub-machine Guns (SMG's)
  Tec-9 - The Tec-9 is not a very fast-firing machine pistol, but it's clip capacity is the greatest of all of the machine pistols. Often the gun of choice with many gangsters.

  Ingram Mac 10 - Now this is a fast firing gun, not as accurate as the others, but its rapid fire rate makes up for the slight accuracy problem.

  Uzi 9mm - Probably the most well known gun in the game, this is very good choice for any criminal in Liberty City.

  SMG - Also known as the MP5. This gun is a much more powerful than say, the Uzi, and is used by the FBI.

Assault Rifles
  AK47 - The awesome Russian assault rifle. Very popular among the more well off gangsters.

  Colt M4 - Used by the military, it is arguably better than the AK47, with a slightly faster fire rate.

Heavy Artillery
  Colt M60 - This gun is a heavy gun that is supposed to be used by two people, however, Toni can handle this beast by himself. You can kill anyone with one shot.

  Flame Thrower - This is perfect for burning down large areas of forest, or pedestrians, or vehicles, whatever you choose.

  Rocket Launcher - This weapon can cause devastating destruction. A well placed rocket could blow up several nearby vehicles and anybody who is unlucky enough to be standing near the blast radius.

  Minigun - Probably the most powerful gun in the game. It's spits out bullets faster than you can blink an eye. Mowing down anything in its path.

Sniper Rifles
  Sniper Rifle - Useful for assassinating people from a long distance, or for practising head shots.

  Sniper Rifle with Laser Scope - Just like the other sniper rifle, except this one has a laser scope attached to it, meaning you can be much more accurate with your shot.