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Take2 Financial Results

By Chris | 3rd Mar 2005 at 21:27 GMT in General | 8 Comments

Take2Games have reported their financial results for Q1 2005 with excellent results largely due to GTA San Andreas. Headlines of the report stated that revenue exceeded 0 million.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Sales Exceed 12 Million Units Since Launch

Read that again. 12 million, that just shows how legendary this game really is, 12 million between 26th October 2004 - 28th February, thats 125 days if I have done my calculations correctly, and that averages at selling roughly 96,000 units every day.

Other notable points in the report were that the GTA PSP release date was NOT stated, however it was said that it will be released around the same time as San Andreas on PC and Xbox.

Finally there will be a conference call later today at 4:30pm EST, if any new information is released I'll be posting it later.

Link: Press Release

Ad Update

By Chris | 28th Feb 2005 at 20:45 GMT in General | 9 Comments

The 'Silence is Golden' advertising campaign has now finished, thanks to everyone who supported us and checked out the site. Some of you may have noticed the new Arizona Jeans campaign we now have in place. As usual the site has a couple of flash games on there for you to enjoy, so be sure to check them out.

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GTA PSP Release Date?

By Cough7007 | 25th Feb 2005 at 16:32 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 10 Comments

Rockstar games announced that the 3-D portable game would be released on April 15th, but it's not completely official. All we know about Grand Theft Auto: Portable is that it will be set in Liberty City, and have somewhat the same graphical movements as GTA 3 for the PlayStation 2. It will definitely be a great game (and one of the best) for the PlayStation Portable.

Remember, this all remains speculation, so we'll keep you posted if we learn more about the Rockstar Games release date.

To learn more, check these links out: SPOnG, GTAForums

UPDATE 1: Gamespot now have a page for GTA PSP, on which they state the release date as 15th May 2005. Could Gamespot know something we don't know? Or are they just taking a good guess at what they think it will be?

We'll update you when we get any more info on this.

Check it out: GTA PSP at Gamespot

Thanks to (Under Construction) for this update.

UPDATE 2: Just been notified that May 15th is actually a Sunday. Meaning no games will be released that day, so we can confirm that is NOT the release date everybody, sorry if anyone was mislead, we'll just have to wait until Rockstar tells us more on this issue.

New San Andreas Pages Coming Soon

By Cough7007 | 24th Feb 2005 at 23:06 GMT in San Andreas | 10 Comments

Sometime in March, The GTA Place will hold new San Andreas reference pages in the San Andreas area. Pages include: swimming tips, eating tips, a gang list, a character list, and a finished weapon list. Chris has been busy with school and website operations for a while, so the assignment has been turned over to me. ALL of the pages will be up by March, but please note that all of these pages will be added one-by-one as they are completed.

Thanks for reading,

--Ryan H. (Content Editor)

Picture of the Day

By Chris | 20th Feb 2005 at 21:53 GMT in General | 1 Comment

Due to the vast amount of pictures now being submitted for Picture Of The Week, we have now changed all this to a Picture Of The Day. We have a massive backlog of decent pics people have submitted and they're just sat there not being viewed since we have it only once a week. Now with a new picture being shown every day we should be able to clear this backlog in a few weeks.

We are going to work through from the earliest submitted pics so if you submitted a good one recently expect it to be shown in a few weeks.

Oh and on another note, a couple of errors were found on my 100% San Andreas Checklist, I've fixed these now so please download the latest version if you have been using it.

Two More Cheats

By Chris | 20th Feb 2005 at 17:42 GMT in San Andreas | 5 Comments

Yet again edisoncarter has found a couple more cheats

Have 6 Star Wanted Level:


Never Wanted:


The Cheats page has been updated accordingly.


GTA Creator Announces New Game

By Chris | 19th Feb 2005 at 19:59 GMT in General | 15 Comments

David Jones, the creator of the legendary game 'Grand Theft Auto' has announced in a press statement a new game that he and his team will be releasing in 2007.

All Points Bulletin (APB) is a MMORPG which will enable players all over the world to create gangs and squads in living, breathing real life cities.

APB is a massively multiplayer online game based in living, breathing cities that will feel familiar to players, as they precisely replicate famous cities all over the world. APB is a turf war involving two main factions, the Squads, whose goal is to uphold the law, and the Gangs, who seek to break the law at all costs. Players will be able to choose their side, in a classic good guy versus bad guy scenario. The Gangs are all about graffiti, attitude, custom cars and earning cash any way they can. The Squads stand for honor, teamwork, firepower and destroying the Gangs. APB will provide the player with the ultimate customization options from their weapons, vehicles and clothes to their attitude, music and environment.

APB is set to "fuel the growth of online gaming" and I'm pretty sure it will do just that.

Link: BusinessWire Article

Thanks to CodenameGTA for the news. Launches!

By Chris | 14th Feb 2005 at 23:29 GMT in GTA IV | 10 Comments

I have decided to launch our sister site today, after testing various layouts, I've stuck with one. is a site speculating on what the next GTA game may be called, because at the time of writing we don't have any legible information saying it is GTA4 for certain.

There is not much in the way of content obviously, and we are looking for users to submit any fan art they have created. Thanks to MVI we already have three pieces up on the fan art page. Please check out the Fan Art page for more information on submitting fan art.

Hope you enjoy the site! If you find any bugs let me know, and any feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. Relevant links are below. Remember to post on our forums you need to register. Registration is of course completely free, and only takes a few moments. Please Click here to register for free if you aren't a member already. Registration has many benefits, including the ability to play games in our Arcade!

Links:, GTA4 Forum, GTA4 Wishlist

Game Developers Choice Awards

By Chris | 14th Feb 2005 at 23:16 GMT in General | 0 Comments

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) today announced the nominees for the annual Game Developers Choice Awards. GTA San Andreas has been nominated in 4 categories, appearing in Best Game, Best Audio, Best Game Design and Best Writing. This is together with the likes of Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 so it's no easy win.

These awards are highly sought after due to the fact it's the developers rating others work.

Thousands of developers voiced their picks during the Choice Awards' open

nominations process. The high prestige of these honors comes from the fact that fellow developers recognize each other's best work.

Jason Della Rocca, Executive Director, IGDA

Winners of these awards will be announced during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 9th.

For a full listing of the nominees, Click Here

Thanks to GTAGaming for the heads up.

Ninja Cheat

By Chris | 10th Feb 2005 at 14:03 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments

edisoncarter's found another new cheat, this one changes everything to a ninja theme.

Ninja Theme:

Changes all peds to Asian's with Katana's and most vehicles are black bikes.


Have fun with it.

More cheats...

By Chris | 3rd Feb 2005 at 00:29 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

edisoncarter of GTAForums has done it again and found another couple of new codes, one for Adrenaline mode, and one for recruiting any person into your gang.

Adrenaline Mode

Causes slower gameplay and gives you greater strength enabling you to punch harder and send people flying, and push cars around with your body.

X, X, Square, R1, L1, X, Down, Left, X

Recruit Anyone To Your Gang

Recruits get a 9mm if they don't already have a weapon.

Down, Square, Up, R2, R2, Up, Right, Right, Up