GTA III Hints and Tips

This page just has a load of stuff that you can do in GTA3 to your benefit

Get Joey's BF Injection
Go to the phones in Portland where you work for the Diablo's and around there between 1900 and 2300 it will be there.

Repair your car for free
Put the car in your garage then walk out then get it again and it will be repaired.

Do Taxi missions in any car
First get into a taxi but instead of pressing R3, hold it down and press Triangle to get out, now while still holding R3 get into any car you want. When you are in let go of R3 and it will start up the Taxi missions.

Get a Prostitute in your car for extra health
Park your car and wait for a hooker to get in obviously at night and when you drive to an isolated area with no people and stop you will see the car begin to shake (I wonder why) and your health will go up to a maximum of 125. If you do this in a convertible or a limo you will instantly get 125 health when your in the isolated area and she will get out. It doesn't work in emergency vehicles or taxi's.

Free Stuff
Get in a Police Car and get 5 shotgun shells
Get in an Enforcer and get armor
Get in an Ambulance and get 20 health
Get in a Taxi for $25

Yardie Lobo Hydraulics
When in a Yardie Lobo press in the L3 to raise and lower suspension.
And push R3 left to lower left, right to lower right, up to lower front and down to lower rear.

Make The Moon Smaller
Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle to get it smaller and again to get it big.

Import/Export and other garages
Import/Export garage in Portland is the garage in Portland Harbor where you have to take the cars on the list to it and when you deliver every single one you will be able to go in and choose which one you want. You will receive $1,500 for each one and $200,000 when you complete it.

The one in Shoreside Vale is in Cochrane and the information is the same as above but obviously you will need different cars, just look at the list on the garage.

The Emergency Vehicle Crane is just very slightly south of the Import/Export garage in Portland and there is no list but the information is the same again but the cars you need are Police, Enforcer, FBI, Barracks OL, Rhino, Ambulance and Firetruck.

Securicar Cracking Garage is again in Portland Harbor, it is where you had to deliver the Securicar you know the long line of garages it is the one without a number. You have to deliver 10 Securicars there and for the first you get paid $5,000 the second $4,500 the third $4,000 and so on collecting a total of $27,500. It is much easier if you have completed the Import/Export garage first because the Securicar is in it, so you can just keep getting one out then delivering it.

For completing rampages you will get $5,000 for the first, $10,000 for the second $15,000 for the third and so on but for all 20 complete you will get $1,000,000.

Unique Jumps
For completing unique jumps you will get $5,000 for the first, $10,000 for the second $15,000 for the third and so on but for all 20 complete you will get $1,000,000.

Hidden Packages Found
Every 10 you get something is delivered to your hideout and you will get $1000 for each package.
0 - Baseball bat
10 - Pistol Hand Gun
20 - Uzi
30 - Grenades
40 - Shotgun
50 - Armour
60 - Molotov Cocktails
70 - AK-47 Assault Rifle
80 - Sniper Rifle
90 - M16 Machine Gun
100 - Rocket Launcher and $1,000,000

Taxi Fares Completed
100 - Red Borgnine taxi at 'Borgnine Taxi's' in Harwood area in Portland.

Fires Extinguished in Firetruck
60 (20 in each island) - Flamethrower at hideout

Police, Enforcer (SWAT Van), F.B.I and Rhino (Tank) Vigilante Missions
10 in Portland - 1st Police Bribe
20 in Portland - 2nd Police Bribe
10 in Staunton Island - 3rd Police Bribe
20 in Staunton Island - 4th Police Bribe
10 in Shoreside Vale - 5th Police Bribe
20 in Shoreside Vale - 6th Police Bribe

Paramedic Missions
35 people saved - Health icon at hideout
70 people saved - Adrenaline pill at hideout (effects are like 'The Matrix' and you are really strong)
Paramedic Level 12 completed - Infinite sprint when holding X (Never get out of breath)

Getting to Staunton Island
After you have completed the 'Last Requests' Mission for Salvatore a message will come on your car radio telling you that Callahan Bridge is now open for all traffic and the subway to Staunton Island will also be open as will the Porter Tunnel.

Getting to Shoreside Vale
After you have completed the 'A drop in the ocean' mission for Donald a message will come on the radio telling you that the lift bridge is now open for all traffic and the subway to Shoreside Vale will also be open as will Porter Tunnel.