GTA III Weapons

In GTA3 there are a total of 11 weapons which can be acquired. If you have none, you'll be stuck with your fists, which of course aren't very effective for killing large amounts of armed gang members. Below are details of each of the available weapons.

Your bare fists, not very effective but they're better than nothing, obviously you always have these available.
Baseball Bat
Beating people up is a lot easier with this, and it's available from your hideout right at the start.
This is the gun all the cops use, not very good. You can get it at your hideout by collecting 10 hidden packages.
This gun is probably one of the best in the game. It's light so you can run with it. It is quite fast firing. It's the only gun you can perform drive-by's with. Acquire this at your hideout by collecting 20 hidden packages.
This gun is a powerful one. Once the Mafia are angry with you they will be hunting you down with these so watch out. This can be acquired at your hideout by collecting 40 hidden packages.
Molotov Cocktails
Great for clearing areas of people or cars, just watch everybody burn to death. Get these at your hideout by collecting 60 hidden packages.
These are great for exploding vehicles or crowds of people, make sure you don't stand too close though. Get these at your hideout by collecting 30 hidden packages.
This gun is one of my favourites. The only drawback is that you can't run while shooting. Get this at your hideout by collecting 70 hidden packages.
Sniper Rifle
This is great for killing people from long distances, it has a site with zoom but it does sway a little although if you're accurate then you'll be fine. Get this by collecting 80 hidden packages.
This has an extremely fast rate of fire so you can easily kill masses of people or quickly destroy vehicles with it. It also has it's own site for more accurate shooting. Acquire it at your hideout with 90 hidden packages.
A great weapon if your a pyromaniac. It's useful for setting people and cars on fire. This is acquired by extinguishing 20 fires on each island.
Rocket Launcher
The most explosive weapon of them all, acquired by collecting all 100 hidden packages, it can explode vehicles and people easily.