GTA III Rare Vehicles Guide

This small guide describes how to get all the Bullet Proof vehicles in GTA3 found by members of GameFAQs message boards.

BP - Bullet Proof
EP - Explosion Proof
FP - Flame Proof
DP - Damage Proof

In Order of Playing Through The Game
1. BP Securicar
2. BP/EP/FP Cheetah
3. BP/DP/EP/FP Stretch
4. BP Barracks OL
5. BP/EP/FP Bobcat
6. BP Patriot
7. EP Securicar

BP Securicar
Mission: Van Heist from Joey Leone
After damaging the vehicle, drive it to your hideout, and blow it up in your garage.

BP/EP/FP Cheetah
Mission: Turismo from El Burro.
During the race, flip over one of the cheetahs than push it to your garage. Do not let it out of your sight, and wait until the Turismo mission has finished.

BP/DP/EP/FP Stretch
Mission: Salvatore's called a meeting from Toni.
Once you visit Toni, head to Joeys but DON'T go into the blue field. Instead, park a vehicle near the wall on the side of the building, then enter the speed-up cheat code, then run between the vehicle and the wall, this will cause you to walk-through the wall. Then enter the Stretch and backup into the blue field, the vehicle will regenerate. Afterwards, drive it to your Staunton hideout by flying over the Callahan bridge (using the dodo physics code). Head to 8-Ball's bomb shop, rig the car with a timer bomb, then activate the car-bomb in your garage and leave, don't let the door shut! After the vehicle explodes, walk out letting the door shut, so the vehicle regenerates.

BP Barracks OL
Mission: Arms Shortage from Ray.
During the mission, the vehicle will be BP. It will also be BP right after the mission but from then on it will be normal. So my advice is to complete the mission and drive it straight to your garage.

BP/EP/FP Bobcat
Mission: Evidence Dash from Ray.
During the mission, the Bobcat that has the mission packages is BP/EP/FP.
Flip the Bobcat over then push it to your hideout. Don't worry about the rest of the packages, as the game will generate another bobcat in town.

BP Patriot
Mission: Marked Man from Ray.
Well Ray gives you this along with a garage load of weapons for free.

EP Securicar
Mission: Escort Service from Donald Love.
Shoot the vehicle to blow it up, then push it to your garage.