San Andreas Secrets


This page is still under construction and many secrets/easter eggs have not yet been added. However we do have a thread posted on our forums containing a lot of information on certain secrets within the game. Click here to see them. These images are © Chris and must not be reproduced anywhere else without proper credit and a hyperlink back to this website. Thanks to FaLse on the forums who helped me attain pictures of each secret.


Hidden Pay n' Spray
This Pay n' Spray shop is for some reason not marked on the map, it also has strange glitch within it. Upon driving your vehicle into it, the camera will stay inside with your vehicle, and so you will see it get sprayed. In addition to this, where the door of the garage closed there is some hollow ground just big enough for you to fall through. I have made a video demonstrating this glitch which you can download here.

No Easter Eggs Here!   Some Bridge Facts
(Left) After flying to the top of Gant Bridge hoping to see something special, you'll find an amusing message left by Rockstar politely telling you to go away.

(Right) Near Gant Bridge there is a sign which reads some facts about the bridge in the game's coding.

Actual Gant Bridge Cable
This is very near the bridge facts sign pictured above, this is a piece of 'actual cable' used to make Gant Bridge. The bullet points state the following:
Oooooh amazing!
That's mind blowing
Actually, no, it's simple physics and not really impressive.

Gant Bridge Visitor Info
A sign on the opposite side of the car park and opposite the 'actual cable' with some valuable information for tourists. Also note the glitch here where CJ's feet sink into the ground.

Self Pleasure Statue
If you enter the Plaza in Los Santos you will notice the statue in the center of the square is pleasuring himself. The other statues surrounding him look on in shock.

USS Numnutz Submarine
The submarine off the shores of San Fierro is called USS Numnutz.

Zero's Rockstar Merchandise
Go into Zero's RC shop and see Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance and James Earl Cash (from Manhunt). There are also other miniature versions of various vehicles.

"True Grime" Billboard
At Unity Station there is a billboard advertising True Grime: Street Cleaners, this is Rockstar taking a stab at the supposed "GTA wannabee" that was True Crime: Streets of LA.

V-Rock Hotel
Relating to Vice City's V-Rock station where Lazlow was DJ, and also in real life to the Hard Rock Café.

North Rock
Paying homage to Rockstar North, there is a place in San Andreas called North Rock.

"Jesus Saves" Wall
There is a wall in Los Santos with a drawing of Mary and 'Jesus Saves' written next to it, this is referring to GTA2 where the building in which you saved the game read this.

R.I.P Opposition Gravestone
This is found at the War Memorial situated in San Fierro near Hippy Shopper, near the top of the war memorial you will see the gravestone that reads ‘R.I.P Opposition 1997-2004’ referring to rival game companies attempting to create better games since Rockstar first made Grand Theft Auto in 1997.

Hippy Shopper
Rockstar having a bash at real life shopping chain 'Happy Shopper'.

Not Welcome Mat
On the final mission just before the door to Smoke's Crack Palace there's a mat on the floor with the R* logo which reads "NOT Welcome".

Marital Arts
You think it's called Cobra Martial Arts right? Well look closely, it's actually called Cobra Marital Arts. As in your marital status (married or not).

Rogue Magazine
Rockstar's version of real life magazine Vogue.