GTA1 Information

Release Dates:

PC (Windows): US CA February 28, 1998
UK EU October 1997
Japan April 24, 1999
PlayStation 1: US CA June 30, 1998
UK EU December 1997
Japan August 27, 1998
Gameboy Color: 1999

Grand Theft Auto was the game that started it all. It was not as successful as Grand Theft Auto 3, with it only being in 2D view, or top-down view as it is more well known. But it was, in it's day, a very classy and new type of gaming genre. The graphics are nothing amazing, but the game play is new and interesting. You're introduced to a world where YOU are the boss, do what you want, but be prepared for those who want to stop you. Police, gangs, there many out there that want to stop you from reaching the top of your game. Take them out, or you may never get there...

"The police are about to have a really bad day..."