Vice City Characters

Tommy Vercetti
Voiced by: Ray Liotta
Bio: Tommy Vercetti is a 35 year old punk just out of serving 15 years in the slammer. He's connected with the Forelli family in Liberty City, and has been seen with lawyer, Ken Rosenberg, at Escobar International Airport.

Lance Vance
Voiced by:
Bio: A well-dressed 32 year old. Recently arrived in Vice City with his brother who got killed during Sonny Forelli's drug deal which went bad under Vercetti's supervision. Now Lance is fighting with Tommy and will stop at nothing to avenge his brother's death.

Ken Rosenberg
Voiced by: David Paymer
Bio: A 33 year old high-strung lawyer, trying to cultivate his relationship with his mob "friends" up North for 8 years. Which is why he was so overly enthusiastic to pick up their men at the drug deal - which went bad. Now he has to save face with the Liberty City mob or suffer the harsh consequences.

Sonny Forelli
Voiced by:
Bio: Head of the Forelli crime family in Liberty City. Believed to have major influence in racketeering, gambling, union trouble, corruption, and prostitution. Evidently he instructed several mob killings, however only minor charges stuck. Telephone records reveal he has made calls to lawyer, Ken Rosenberg.

The Colonel (Juan Garcia Cortez)
Voiced by:
Bio: A retired Colonel and acquaintance of Ken Rosenberg, who he helped set up the failed exchange that brought Tommy to Vice City. Cortez likes to throw extravagant parties on his over-sized yacht on the bay. Vice City's most influential citizens often attend his soirees, as does his lovely daughter, Mercedes. These gatherings usually provide chance to talk to local crime bosses.

Avery Carrington
Voiced by:
Bio: One of the most influential and powerful criminals in Vice City. A 51 year old strong willed southerner who's firmly routed to his convictions. He serves up advice like it was universal holy truth.

Ricardo Diaz
Voiced by: Luis Guzman
Bio: Diaz, a.k.a Mr. Coke, suffers from Napoleon-complex, which explains his huge gun collection. He bribed INS for a Green Card in 1978 and is believed to be a major player in the narcotics industry. He gives to various foundations across Vice City, as well as Central and South America. Diaz has been mixed up in a long running battle for control of business in Vice City.

"Big" Mitch Baker
Voiced by:
Bio: A Viet Nam veteran, awarded the Purple Heart for obliterating an entire Vietcong village. He currently runs a local gang of bikers in his bar 'The Greasy Chopper'. He has been jailed on 13 occasions as a result for his love of bar fights, eating live animals, wrestling, racing motorbikes, and urinating in public places.

Steve Scott
Voiced by:
Bio: A film director with a weird obsession with sharks and piles of mashed potatoes. He has been spotted at various parties with organised crime. He is apparently seeking any money he can get to finance his next big film.

Umberto Robina
Voiced by: Danny Trejo
Bio: This cuban warlord runs his father's café in Little Havana. He's had a long term feud with Haitian criminals and wants to control their turf, even if it means a fully blown war. His bravery is questioned as he has never been personally implicated in a crime.

Auntie Poulet
Voiced by:
Bio: A very large elderly Haitian matriarch, extremely dangerous if your unlucky enough to get on her bad side. She's believed to be involved in an age-old feud with Cuban crime families for control of eastern and Downtown Vice City. She's heavily protected by Haitian thugs at all times.

Phil Cassidy
Voiced by: Gary Busey
Bio: A redneck arms dealer, member of several gun clubs in Vice City. Probably involved in the weapons trade. Cassidy claims to have served in various divisions of the U.S Army. Military records show he was repeatedly rejected for service. Most likely due to the fact he distills "Boomshine" and is almost constantly drunk.

Other Minor Characters

Information on other characters is still under construction.