Vice City Glitches

These are some of the cool glitches i've managed to find while playing VC. All the pics were taken by me and no-one is allowed to use them on their site
If you do use them, at least host them yourself dont steal my bandwidth, and put a link back to the site.

2 Wheels Bonus Glitch
I found this cool glitch by accident. To do it you need to get a helicopter and you'll also need another vehicle. Then get in your heli and start it up.
Then hold Square and use the analogue stick to tilt it either to the left or right. Hold it in this position for as long as you want the 2 wheels time to be.
Then land your heli get out and jump in your vehicle. And Voila! you get a huge 2 wheels time.

Holding square to balance the heli like this get out and into another vehicle and it shows your time

Bike Morphing

park your bike about 1/4 in a clothes icon, get off the bike , and get back on again. Now you are morphed with the bike

Caddy Morphing

Follow the same instructions as the bike morph

Flying Cars

Some flying cars I saw one day, weird glitch

Ghost World

Drive a caddy into the malibu, park your caddy in there then walk out which will bring you back into the malibu. Get in the caddy and reverse out (which can be hard). When you get out you will be driving in ghost world, no cars, no peds, nothing at all.

The Underworld

Fly into the swimming pool ahead, then fly upwards, fly out here then go downwards a bit and fly forward again. You are now in the underworld.

You can even fly underwater      

Invisible Floor

I found these one day when I landed my PCJ in the middle and never fell through

Lightless Taxi

A lightless taxi I found

Not Solid Walls

This wall in Downtown isn't solid and you are able to drive through it. This pic on the left looks like my arm and leg have been eaten by the wall
A few of these walls on Prawn Island aren't solid either, you can just about ride a bike through them.

Wheelie Glitch
Get yourself a PCJ-600 and head down to Kaufman Cabs
When your there face the street and go right, then almost immediately to your left you'll see a little alleyway next to a brown post, go down here, turn right once at the end of it then right again.Use the pics to work out which bit you need. The tricky part is getting the front wheel stuck in the ground. Once the front wheel is stuck in the ground hold Square to reverse and Tommy should be pedalling the bike backwards but the bike is stuck, keep doing this for as long as you want the wheelie to be then just accelerate out of it.

Some pics to help with the explanation

Weird VCPD Glitch

Strange. I walked into the VCPD building to get the cop suit and it didn't load up inside.

Other Glitches

One of the more funnier glitches. Just after I completed "Gun Runner" this guy got ran over just as I was shooting him and he died like this I bailed out of a BF Injection just as I rolled it and it got stuck like this