Vice City Vehicles

Here are pics of all the vehicles that can be found in GTA Vice City. All pics were taken by me from the PC version of the game so are decent quality.
Please do not steal these pictures and put them on your site.

Admiral Ambulance Angel Baggage Handler
Banshee Barracks OL Benson BF Injection
Blista Compact Bloodring Banger 1 Bloodring Banger 2 Bobcat
Boxville Burrito Bus Cabbie
Caddy Cheetah Coach Coast Guard
Comet Cuban Hermes Cuban Jetmax Deluxo
Dinghy Enforcer Esperanto Faggio
FBI Rancher FBI Washington Firetruck Flatbed
Freeway Gang Burrito Glendale Greenwood
Hermes Hotring Racer 1 Hotring Racer 2 Hotring Racer 3
Hunter Idaho Infernus Kaufman Cab
Landstalker Linerunner Love Fist Manana
Marquis Maverick Mesa Grande Moonbeam
Mr. Whoopee Mule Oceanic Packer
Patriot PCJ-600 Perennial Phoenix
Pizza Boy Police Police Maverick Pony
Predator Rancher RC Bandit RC Baron
RC Raider Reefer Regina Rhino
Rio Romero's Hearse Rumpo Sabre
Sabre Turbo Sanchez Sandking Sea Sparrow
Securicar Sentinel Sentinel XS Skimmer
Spand Express Sparrow Speeder Squallo
Stallion Stinger Stretch Taxi
Top Fun Trashmaster Tropic Undercover Cheetah
VCN Maverick Virgo Voodoo Walton
Washington Yankee Zebra Cab