Vice City Rare Vehicles Guide

This small guide describes how to get all the Bullet Proof vehicles in GTA: Vice City, found by members of GameFAQs message boards.

BP - Bullet Proof
EP - Explosion Proof
FP - Flame Proof
DP - Damage Proof

1. Spand Express
2. BP, FP, EP, DP Admiral
3. Black Sanchez
4. Black Washington
5. Romero's Hearse
6. Black Voodoo
7. Silver PCJ600
8. Black Bobcat
9. Black Pony
10. Black Admiral
11. Black Sentinel
12. Love Fist Limo
13. Golden Stretch
14. BP, EP, FP Sabre Turbo
15. White Walton
16. FP Banshee
17. FP Cheetah
18. FP Infernus

Spand Express
Mission: Jury Fury and Riot.
In Jury Fury it's the van that drops the hammer when you are at one of the targets. Just take it. In Riot there's three of them. They're the cars you have to blow up. Just take one and drive off but you'll have to fail the mission.
There's a Black Spand Express that's really easy to get if you have the patience, and you can still beat the mission Riot. Go do the first part of Riot.
Blow up the other 2 Spand Express', but not the black one. Grab that, and leave the area.

BP/EP/DP/FP Admiral
Mission: Guardian Angels.
It's the car that Diaz drive when he comes to the meeting. you can either get it by blowing Diaz to kingdom come, thus failing the mission and then just take the car. Or you can finish the mission and walk out of the alley and hang a left, and it should be sitting in the middle of street. However, sometimes the car will not be there, and if that's the case then you just have to suck it up and try again.

Black Sanchez
Play the trial by dirt a.k.a test track in the Sanchez, at lap 2, Haitians in black Sanchez's will come. Kill one and steal their bike, then bring to your garage.
Note: You can't do this on the PC version

Black Washington
Mission: All Hands On Deck.
In this mission a couple of black cars are driving up on the docks as you're helping Cortez to escape. Your goal is to kill the driver on one of the boats, jump on it and take it back to shore. There you can acquire a Black Washington.

Romero's Hearse and Black Voodoo
Mission: Two Bit Hit.
These two cars are outside the Pizza place and here's my strategy on getting both of them at the same time, without failing the mission, kill all or most of the Haitian's and make sure you steal both cars and kill the drivers. Now kill the rest of the Haitians and the guy your supposed to kill. Then just drive one a little bit, then the other, then the other etc. until you've arrived at your garage. This way you'll get both cars at the same time and won't have to redo the mission.

Silver PCJ600.
Mission: Autocide.
It's parked next to the weapons you can pick up. Just hop on and it's yours.

Black Bobcat with red stripe
Mission: Autocide.
Your third target in this mission are two gentlemen sitting in this car. The doors are locked so you'll have to find another way in. You could snipe the driver and quickly eliminate his Shotgun-packing friend, and then take it, or you can torch the car with either Molotov's or the Flamethrower. That will make them take a hike. Don't get out of the car until you are at a garage or the doors will lock on you.

Black Pony
Mission: Loose Ends
Loose Ends: The Vehicle is inside the factory, and it seems impossible to get out. I've never attempted to get this car myself so I'm not a very reliable source, but from what I've read you can bring two Packers to the factory and use one to get the other one inside. Then use that one as a ramp to get the Pony out.

Black Admiral
Mission: Check out at the Check In, Loose Ends.
For the one in Loose Ends see Black Pony. For the one in will need Molotov's or a Flamethrower. Kill the guy shooting at you through the roof and the flame the car. The driver will get out and you will get in. Then take it to a garage. The on at Sunshine Autos is closest. Don't get out before you reach the garage, or the doors will lock on you.

Love Fist Limousine
Mission: Psycho Killer, Publicity Tour.
Just keep it after either of the two missions.

Gold Stretch
Mission: Martha's Mug Shot.
Follow Candy to the Limo, snipe the driver and get in. The limo is on auto-pilot so you can just sit back an enjoy the ride. When you get to your destination Candy will get out and you'll be able to control the car. Take it to a garage and then come back to finish the mission.

Black Sentinel
Mission: Hit the Courier.
Head to the docks fast and kill all the trigger-happy chicks there. When the courier lands, park your ass in front of her car and whip out your trusty PSG-1. Aim through the windshield and when you see her face there, FIRE! She will fall out and the car is yours. Same goes for this one: Don't get out until you reach a garage.

BP/EP/FP Sabre Turbo
In the driver mission, just get out of your car and get the police bribe nearby to get rid of your wanted level (you get one even if u don't race) pull out a rifle of any kind. When Hillary comes to the finish line where you already are snipe him failing the mission. Take his car to a garage, but don't get out before or else you'll lose the car.

White Walton
Mission: Gun Runner.
In this mission you can steal one, bring it to a garage blow it up in there, then just go and finish the mission, you need to blow it up inside the garage so it'll be fixed again once the door opens.

Flame Proof Cheetah, Banshee and Infernus
These cars can be obtained by sniping out the drivers of the cars at the start of the street races